Smith River Photography

Photography from the Smith river valley and in an around southern Virginia.

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  • Sherri - Tuesday 1 November 2022 14:42
  • Traci - Tuesday 1 November 2022 14:14
    Awesome! The clarity is amazing.
  • blues_hawk - Monday 7 March 2022 23:15
    high G turns.
  • blues_hawk - Friday 25 February 2022 10:03
    There is no hope on main.
  • Ben - Monday 31 January 2022 16:26
  • blues_hawk - Wednesday 29 December 2021 10:20
    The light has been a real pita lately.
  • blues_hawk - Thursday 7 October 2021 12:55
    I was dizzy that day and after bobbling my way up the sketchy trail I decided not to push my lock climbing the rocks...but somebody did, watch to the end to find out who.
  • blues_hawk - Saturday 2 October 2021 18:49
    There is a large bone in there.
  • blues_hawk - Saturday 2 October 2021 18:46
    This doesn't look like much unless you happened to be watching the bears that made the holes. Mama bear and two cubs beat feet before I could get my camera on them but they left these divots.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 25 July 2021 21:04
    Oh wow! I looked this up and it turns out to be dependent on the mycella rhyzome of the chanterelle mushrooms I was harvesting nearby! I also found more chanterlles about 30ft up the hill from the waterfall area I found this crazy plant in.
    The wildest part is that this little white flower actually uses the underground part of a chanterelle. The bit I harvest is really just a celebration of its reproductive cycle, according to an old BRCC biology professor I once new by way of telnet back in the day who happened to have a degree in fungal genetics.

    Chanterelle – Cantharellus cibarius – Hiker's Notebook
    Monotropa uniflora