Smith River Photography

Photography from the Smith river valley and in an around southern Virginia.

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  • blues_hawk - Thursday 7 October 2021 12:55
    I was dizzy that day and after bobbling my way up the sketchy trail I decided not to push my lock climbing the rocks...but somebody did, watch to the end to find out who.
  • blues_hawk - Thursday 16 September 2021 18:32
    This is Rosy's pick. I decided I agree, though I also like the graphic novel one.
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 25 July 2021 21:04
    Oh wow! I looked this up and it turns out to be dependent on the mycella rhyzome of the chanterelle mushrooms I was harvesting nearby! I also found more chanterlles about 30ft up the hill from the waterfall area I found this crazy plant in.
    The wildest part is that this little white flower actually uses the underground part of a chanterelle. The bit I harvest is really just a celebration of its reproductive cycle, according to an old BRCC biology professor I once new by way of telnet back in the day who happened to have a degree in fungal genetics.

    Chanterelle – Cantharellus cibarius – Hiker's Notebook
    Monotropa uniflora
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 27 June 2021 13:07
    Somebody buried a bike pump here for folks to use. Pretty cool feature at IC Dehart park. When I trained here there were no trails and I would surf the vast mowed fields. This is also the place where I krunked a rib after a fierce endo - grass was mowed straight across a ditch. This led to some confusion when the not yet famous Jerimiah Bishop misheard "rib" and offered to help me fix a "rim" instead. I got to check out his 17lb mtb before he smashed the course record at the poor mountain hillclimb, being challeneged by my kid the whole time. He only got away after the rotten bottom bracket on his clunker gave out and siezed. Bishop was shocked when he saw this after the race.
  • blues_hawk - Saturday 26 June 2021 18:41
    This is a photo of the deer that got away. I thought for sure I had just taken my first deer with a crossbow and calmly packed up while listening to all the correct sounds, even a roll over and "death rattles" only to find my undamaged arrow laying in the field as if the ninja deer was being polite by giving it back. After I made sure(no blood on arrow) I climbed back into my treehouse and saw this little mistake in the curtain, one of a great many I've made over the years.
  • blues_hawk - Friday 25 June 2021 16:17
    We got up predawn and drove up to "The Saddle" overlook to try to get a glimpse of the rising eclipse, but it was raining and blowing as we went.
    ...And then this happened.
  • Moonrise - Sunday 13 June 2021 11:53
    Red-shouldered Hawk, is the closest bird that matches that we found.
  • blues_hawk - Tuesday 9 February 2021 19:24
    This is a Chanterelle mushroom. They have no veins or holes and no lookalikes that grow in dirt. Next to it is my "rough use" knife which is more than a foot long included to show relative size. I often pick 15lb's or more of these if I catch them just right. I'm not saying where these are as they are coveted for their flavor, texture and mellow calming effect by all who are not allergic. As with any wild mushroom, don't try this at home. And if you do, be very careful to identify them and be sure to cook them before testing only a small amount, a 1/4 inch chunk of the wrong mushroom can hospitalize you.
  • blues_hawk - Tuesday 9 February 2021 19:16
    Curtis Caught a big one and called for a photographer. He said it shrank a little while I was on the way. :razz:
  • blues_hawk - Sunday 17 January 2021 01:31
    Oly e-Pm2 backup "dramatic" scene mode. Taken after I ran ouf of batteries in the e-m5ii.